91. The great wealth transfer

Episode 96 · April 4th, 2019 · 48 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Simon is in Singapore this week but he's not alone. He's joined by Antony Lewis, Director Digital Assets at R3 to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain.

First up, we take a look at Google adding hardware security extensions for Firefox and Edge browsers. Antony comments that the technology being used was developed by blockchain companies years ago and Simon adds that we might see an increase in this sort of thing happening across mainstream sectors (1:46).

Next we talk about Bithumb being hacked, Antony suggests that it might have been an accident by management and that you can never be sure if these hacks are coming from inside the company, an exit scam or outside hackers (07:52).

Antony also explains just what a blockchain firewall is for all of those who've been asking.

We have a great Tweet of the Week from @twobitidiot on the great wealth transfer (24:00).

That's not all, Colin caught up with Mance Harmon CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph to talk about what they're doing with 39 blue chip companies and blockchain in Texas (25:47).

Other stories include:

  • A look inside crypto firm Galaxy Digital, founded by ‘sidelined’ Wall Street legend Mike Novogratz

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

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